Real Time Capacity Building
   Personal and Team Security Management
A five-day course covering principles and practical application of risk management, personal security, team security and safety issues. A must for all managers and professionals in humanitarian work.
Venue: Pune, India
Date: 10-04-2018 to 14-04-2018
Selecting people with the right
qualifications and attitudes

Philippines RTCB (RedR UK &India): 
devastating typhoon, the fourth most intense ever recorded, struck the Philippines on November 8-9 2013. It was estimated to have killed at least 7,400 people, and injured more than 20,000. RedR India, in partnership with RedR UK implemented a Real Time Capacity Building Project. The goal of this programme was to assess the need for capacity building by agencies and communities responding the Typhoon and its aftermath and provide training delivery to pilot, demonstrate and partly cater to the immediate capacity building needs. This goal was achieved by providing coaching and training support to the staff of national and international organizations working in the response. These activities were organized in such a way as to be accessible within the context of an emergency response (in or close to the work place, short and specific). An initial two-week assessment/pilot programme was launched early January with a team of 3 persons. This programme assessed and piloted immediate training and coaching needs in the following areas:

  • WASH,
  • Shelter,
  • Storage, Distribution
  • Security
  • Camp management
  • Project management
  • Sphere standards
This programme was then adjusted and developed to respond to the evolving needs of the response community over a period of 2-6months depending on available resources.

Real Time Capacity Building- Uttarakhand (Unicef India): In June 2013, Uttarakhand witnessed large-scale flash floods and landslides, causing widespread damage to roads and bridges, leaving over thousands of pilgrims stranded, causing 822 deaths and destruction of houses and agricultural land in 5 districts of the state. Government, INGOs and local NGOs were engaged in reaching out to the affected population for responding to the situation. Harsh terrain had put major challenges for them in reaching out to the remote villages. RedR India deployed 26 members for emergency needs assessment for government of Uttarakhand. RedR India members were also deployed in support to government for response coordination. Feedback and observations of the deployed RedR members revealed the need for Real time Capacity Building (RTCB). Most of the government frontline workers of different line departments were leading the response on ground which was being coordinated by line departments at block and district level. Even though these actors were trained in development planning and implementation of development programmes, they did not have any experience of working in disaster response. thus RTCB became essential for improved response as per the multi-sector needs as well as international standards. On this background RedR India planned ten training courses as RTCB, for the actors involved in Uttarakhand response. RedR India conducted 7 training programmes in 4 flood affected districts with 184 frontline responders, including government workers.  

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