Learning Needs Assessment
   Personal and Team Security Management
A five-day course covering principles and practical application of risk management, personal security, team security and safety issues. A must for all managers and professionals in humanitarian work.
Venue: Pune, India
Date: 10-04-2018 to 14-04-2018
Selecting people with the right
qualifications and attitudes

Learning Needs Assessment for Emergency Team and Partners (Save the Children, Sweden, Nepal) The entire region of South Asia is affected by many natural disasters, climate change and armed conflicts. SC offices and their partners have been regularly facing problems in the operational areas. Disasters not only affects normalcy of everyday living in the area but also impact on the development of the programmes led by SC & its partners. Most of their partners needed to enhance their capacities in responding and coping with emergency situations. Such circumstances demand a quick response to survival needs and therefore a high degree of capacity and skill in a rapidly evolving context for multi hazard prone countries. RedR India conducted a learning needs assessment for them in order to understand the exact needs of capacity building. The LNA was critical in ensuring the effective design and implementation for capacity building of staff and partners, which was to be carried out as per the strategic plan both at the Regional and country levels in 2010. The LNA sought to benchmark existing competencies in emergencies and identify specific knowledge and skills areas that needed to be strengthened. It served as the basis for developing a capacity building framework and program for staff and partners and formulating appropriate training interventions and linkages with training Institutions through development of a training calendar. The LNA also provided inputs on the best possible mix of strategies and modes for the delivery of training programmes.
Learning Needs Assessment for BRAC
: In 2010 and 2011, BRAC Bangladesh engaged RedR India to provide services for building the capacities of the newly formed Department of Environment and Climate Change (DECC). RedR India carried out a series of activities which included training needs assessment (TNA) and developing a detailed institutional training plan for BRAC staff, volunteers, paraprofessionals and community members; designing of training courses and materials on BRAC’s emergency response procedures including the pilot testing of courses at the district level and incorporating lessons learnt; creation of a monitoring and evaluation framework to track efficacy of training courses and delivery of TOT to BRAC’s trainers from the training department and microfinance, education and health programs.
Learning Needs Assessment for WaSH Cluster: RedR India, in collaboration with RedR UK conducted a learning needs assessment for the Global WaSH Cluster to understand the status of their preparedness and leadership and identify specific capacity gaps in these competencies. The findings from this assessment then informed the development and delivery of a training package in 5 locations across the world.

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